Is my usage logged anywhere?

Is my usage logged anywhere?

The program usage data is ONLY stored on the computer (or mobile device) where the software is installed. It is NOT transferred to anybody, not analysed, not cross referenced or anything. We do not capture any usage data. [Note that this is different from virtually all other apps that do similar thing and this is also the reason why the installer of our program is so large as it contains all the data required.]

What information is transferred?

The *only* bit of information transfer happens during the license activation where a “machine key” is sent together with the license key to our activation server and an activation key is sent back. We will keep hold of the machine key to enforce adherence to the licensing conditions and to enable users to activate multiple times on the same device but the machine key is not personally identifiable. Note that this transmission is using a HTTPS (i.e. encrypted) protocol. Please also view the FAQ on License Activation.

Is this solution SaaS (software as a service)?

The solution is NOT SaaS.

What password policies do you support?

It does not (need to) support MFA or RBAC. No password policy required.

Where can I find more detailed information about how to install this software?

You can find the technical documentation on our Help Centre, follow the “Support” link and then “Technical Documentation”.

How frequently do you release updates?

Security updates are offered when required, the program will check at regular intervals if there are updates available and offer them to the user.

What software do you require to be installed on my PC / Mac?

The software does not require Java or Silverlight or any other software that does not come as part of the operating system.