ideamapper Research

ideamapper Research

Research Methodology and Background

ideamapper is a piece of software that has been made in a unique collaboration between a software design team and a team of psychologists who specialize in education and learning. Initially conceived in order to support those with Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, the core of ideamapper did not stay constrained to one population or subject, preferring instead to break down barriers and help others do the same. It does this through blending methods and techniques that are aimed at all ages and abilities, from the early school grades through to PhD and beyond. Research has shown many people benefit from visual style learning so we have incorporated this knowledge in a holistic multi-sensory approach to learning.

Staff maintain clear evidence-based principles to inform the design of the software and the real-world applications for its use, keeping in mind a solution-focused approach and up-to-date research findings for the foundations of ideamapper .


ideamapper to support attainment

The United States currently ranks 14th out of 40 countries for “cognitive skills and educational attainment’’*, and 24th out of 65 for literacy levels**. With the general education level given a place of 17th best in the world***, many can agree that the US is behind expectations, and should be at (or nearer) the front of the pack. ideamapper recognizes this, and these thoughts went into the design of the software with the aim of supporting more people to exceed the goals they set for themselves. Having a tool like ideamapper available to schools and educational institutions to visually represent and develop ideas will benefit educators and students alike. For example, students can use the software to:

  • Create thorough and useful notes during class
  • Produce lesson/topic revision maps
  • Plan and write essays and assignments
  • Organize their time and workload
  • Prioritize tasks from multiple classes

With educators benefiting from:

  • Easily manageable logs and overviews of student progress
  • Creative ways to lesson plan
  • Setting and monitoring of homework
  • Organization and prioritization of work
  • End of year/term reports

Taking education in America and pushing its framework into the future with modern day technology and learning aids will help to boost results and achievements by all users. Having students and teachers who are more confident in taking control of their own abilities and learning styles, added to the benefit of more knowledge and understanding of assistive computer systems, will raise wellbeing within the education sector.


ideamapper to support Research

Looking past the attainment and performance increases that ideamapper nurtures, ideamapper is also a prized tool for researchers. The ability to visualize links and connections in 3D, separate and segregate map layers depending on tasks, color code sections (such as for different participant groups), and the use of built in tables (such as contents); as well as the tools to reference articles, plan research proposals, and have the general benefit of working from a structurally supportive mind mapping software, all combine to bring new progress and exciting opportunities to research.

ideamapper is compatible with other mind-mapping software, so at any point of the process, Inspiration®, MindView™ and MindGenius™ maps can be easily imported and work can continue without missing a beat.


ideamapper in Research

ideamapper is currently working with university partners to expand on the product and prove its effectiveness and performance with students. This is a current work in progress and we hope to be able to share the journal articles with you very soon!

If you are a university student or researcher, and are interested in a collaboration project, please contact us here to discuss the opportunity.


* Pearson Education


*** Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) - 2012


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MindView is a trademark of MatchWare A/S.
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    • Can I use ideamapper offline?

      Yes. Once installed ideamapper does not require a connection to be used.
    • Does ideamapper use the cloud?

      Upon installation and once installed, ideamapper does not use the cloud. All data is locally stored on the device it is installed upon.