Are site licenses available?

Are site licenses available?

Yes. To find out more about our site license for 5+ people, please complete our enquiry form on our purchase page, found under ‘Microbreak for Business’ We aim to respond within 2 working days.
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    • Is the program available on Chromebook?

      Microbreak does not currently have a Chrome extension available on Chromebook.
    • License Types

      Introduction This document describes the different license types that are supported by BioSilico software. You may not be able to buy every type of license. License Activation BioSilico software requires node locking through an activation mechanism. ...
    • How can I purchase Microbreak?

      Purchasing Microbreak couldn’t be simpler. You can purchase it straight from our website. Once purchased, you will receive an order confirmation with your license key and link to download the software. Single licenses wishing to be purchased via ...
    • Is my usage logged anywhere? Do you know which activities I look at?

      The program usage data is ONLY stored on the computer (or mobile device) where the software is installed. It is NOT transferred to anybody, not analysed, not cross referenced or anything. We do not capture any usage data. [Note that this is different ...
    • How does License Activation work?

      General Information All our software is licensed. As a user you do not own the software but you purchase a right for it’s use. Please consult our EULA that came bundled with your software for more information. License Key A license key is an ...